Taking Care of Yourself in the Winds of Change

We're all connected. We must remember this.

We’re all connected. Don’t let loss and change divide us. Don’t let fear divide us.

What a week it’s been! From the inauguration to the Women’s Marches to the incredible change being pushed through on a near-hourly basis by the new Trump administration … it’s a lot. Even the most resilient of us are struggling. No matter what your personal or political beliefs are, we’re all in the midst of a giant sea change.

If you’re going through personal losses of your own, please be gentle with yourself right now. Know that grief brings up old grief, making times such as these even more challenging. What can you do to take extra care of yourself right now? How can you be kind and compassionate to yourself? Here’s a recent blog post by Lissa Rankin with some great self-care ideas.

And we’re nowhere close to done. I wish I could say that things will settle down next week, but from all reports, it looks like it’s just heating up. Chinese New Year is also right around the corner, and according to this post by Dragontree founder Peter Borten, the Year of the Rooster heralds more change.

Lord! 2017 is off to a roaring start, that’s for sure.

As someone whose work focuses on change, loss and transition, I’ve been trying to figure out how I can best support you all as we navigate these intense times. One of the things I’ve been told I do well is create containers to acknowledge our big transitions and share tools to navigate those losses. So now I’m working on an online workshop about reclaiming ourselves in the midst of big change and loss. More details coming soon!

And thank you to everyone who took a moment to respond to my recent survey about how I can be most helpful to you around your loss. (If you didn’t have a chance to respond, but would still like to, please click here to share your feedback. It’s absolutely confidential.)

Wondering what the results were?

Well, it looks like a lot of us are struggling with similar issues, particularly when it comes to moving forward after loss. I found that many of our relationships and our sense of self has been deeply affected by our losses, as has our reason for being here.

Again, thank you or allowing yourselves to be vulnerable enough to share such personal insights. Your thoughts and comments will only be used to help me better aid you as we move forward. Together.

Because that’s our only choice right now, at least as far as I can tell. We’ve been divided for long enough, not only in America, but also in our communities. And there’s nothing more isolating than the grief and loss that come from death, divorce, or any other big life change. It’s time we came together in these big changes, came together in these big losses. All of us struggling in our own way. All of us held in a giant web of love.

Peace, my friends. And much love, today and always.


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