Grief Panel at the Boulder Book Store March 8th (and a Fun Announcement)

Friends, I wanted to let you know about an upcoming talk I’ll be giving at the Boulder Book Store at 7:30 p.m. next Wednesday, March 8th, with local grief experts Kim Mooney and Wendy Black Stern (founder of Grief Support Network). I’ll be sharing my recent book, The Secret Life of Grief: A Memoir, and the three of us will be talking about death, dying, grief and loss before answering questions and sharing resources.

Boulder Book Store March 8

Kim and Wendy are wonderful, kind, loving people who are making a real difference in the community. Not only is Kim a nationally recognized expert, consultant and speaker in the areas of death, dying and grief, but she’s also quite entertaining and funny. You can read more about her work here.

Wendy is a yoga therapist and the founder of the Grief Support Network (GSN), the non-profit she started after the death of her son, Noah. GSN is a wonderful organization that empowers people to transform through the experience of grief and break the stigma around grief in our culture. You can read more about GSN here.

And if you’d like more info about my book, I’ve pasted the synopsis at the bottom of this message (see below).

No reservations are needed for the Boulder Book Store event, though vouchers to attend are $5 and are good for $5 off my book or any other purchase on day of event. Click here for more info.

And now on to my other big (and fun!) news:

30 Day YES ChallengeI wanted to let you know about a new project I’m leading called the 30 Day YES Challenge. The challenge is 30 days worth of daily prompts and discussion threads that I created in December after realizing how rarely I ever said YES to anything new or challenging or fun in my life (!). So I put out a call to Facebook friends asking who wanted to join me in a 30 Day YES challenge, and 50 of us spent the next 30 days challenging ourselves to say YES to more of what really mattered in our lives. It was a blast!

And now I’m ready to do it again. Want to join us? The 30 Day YES Challenge starts on Wednesday, March 15th and includes 30 days of guided prompts and discussions to help support you in saying YES to more of what really matters in your life. (And by YES, that means whatever YES means to you.)

And it’s only $30. This is a discounted program because it’s a pilot. Yup, that’s $1/day. I’m trying to make this as fun and as easy as possible, my dear, because I think we could all use a little extra possibility in our lives. I know I could. So what do you say? Would you like to join us? Is there some aspect of your life that you’d like to start saying YES to?

If so, please join us! We’ll have a safe, supportive community in a private, easy-to-use forum (not Facebook), and I’ll send out daily prompts and discussion threads for each of the 30 days–delivered straight to your inbox. Plus I’ll be there to cheer you on every step of the way! But there won’t be any advice. Nope, no advice. Just support as well as different ideas for ways to bring more YES into your life. Cause you know what you need, not me. I’m just here to support you.

So whaddya say? Ready to join us? You can register here, or else you can cut and paste the following link into your browser: And, as always, email me at with any questions or just hit “reply” to this email.

I can’t wait! Hope to see you at one (or both) of these events!

As always, much love,


Oops, and before I forget, here’s the Secret Life of Grief synopsis I promised you:

When Tanja Pajevic’s mother died, she felt alone and unsupported. She didn’t want her grief to sideline her, as it had when her father died. This time around, she wanted to grieve consciously.

But how?

In a society that no longer has clear rituals or traditions around grief, Tanja set out to create her own. As the weeks and months passed, she delved into her anger, rage and sorrow, as well as explored the complicated issue of forgiveness. Along the way, she explored the rise and fall of communal mourning in the United States, as well as its roots in the current medical model.

Tanja also examined ingrained family patterns she was ready to release—all while raising two young children and dealing with a husband facing his own challenges. Throughout, she reassessed and reconfigured her life, reconnected with her true self and found redemption and healing, as well as joy.

Written in fierce, honest prose, The Secret Life of Grief is a book for anyone who isn’t willing to “pull it together” and act like nothing’s wrong. The Secret Life of Grief is a book for those of us who believe in the transformative power of loss. And it’s a book for those of us who believe in love.

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