Remember wristbandFor anyone who’s lost a friend or loved one, or as a gift to support the newly bereaved. Can be used as a memorial or remembrance for the Sandy Hook shooting, the Boston Marathon bombing, 9/11 or any other significant event.

 Durable, high quality wristbands made from thick black silicone with the word REMEMBER etched into the band. 100% silicone, of Livestrong quality, stronger and longer-lasting than most other wristbands and rubber bracelets.

Large bands are 8 3/8″ around and fit most adults and large-framed teenagers. Medium bands are 7 3/8″ around and fit older children, most teenagers and small-framed women.

1 wristband

5 wristbands

10 wristbands (includes free shipping)

25 wristbands (includes free shipping)

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