Celebrating Our Authors

Summer is in full bloom and my bookshelf is bursting with new books from our writers! Our community has been busy 🙂 Please join me in celebrating our authors! And please help us spread the word – order copies, share on your social media, and tell your friends about these books. Word of mouth is critical to an author’s success these days, so let’s do all we can to support our authors!   Stay Sweet: Tales of Quirky Southern Love by Chris Chandler Are you weary of the world’s cynicism and mean-spiritedness?  Have you had it with negativity and snark?  What if you could travel through time and space to experience the innocence, generosity of heart, acceptance, and unconditional love you crave?  Welcome to the land of sweetness, where love is served Southern-side-up. Although she’s made her home in the West for many […]

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