What does your heart want for 2018?

My heart wants space, time, freedom, travel and play. Plus two new books I want to write. And a couple of exciting ideas for growing my business.

Can you tell I’m an idea person? I have a zillion projects I’d love to do if I could pull them all off! One of my fantasies is having a team at the ready, waiting and able to help bring my many visions into the world.

Until then, it’s just me (and a wonderful virtual assistant I recently hired for a few hours here and there to help me unravel technology.)

Because of that, I need to be pretty clear on the projects I’m committing to. How much can I realistically do? And how can I make it sustainable?

These days, sustainability to me means working with heart, presence and authenticity before closing down for the day so that I can be present with my family, too.

Since I work from home, it’s all too easy for my work to bleed into family life. All the more so when I’m facing a tight deadline or working on a big project.

But after a healing holiday break with my family, I’m not ready to do that again. I want to strengthen the bond I forged with my kids over break, not tax it. Because of that, I’ve decided to push the next round of my How to Get Your Book into the World course back a week. Instead of starting on January 24, it’ll start on January 31. More info coming soon!

Now it’s your turn.

What is your heart asking for in 2018? Space? Support? Kindness? Love? Please leave a comment below.

And remember: there are no right answers here—just what’s right for you.

Much love,


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