Kim Mooney: Grief and the Holidays

Today, I’d like to introduce you to Kim Mooney, an expert in end-of-life issues and grief education, and one of my favorite people. She’s won multiple awards at the local as well as national level, and is an author as well as a TV and radio show host. One of the things I love most about Kim is how warm and funny she is. If you’re wrestling with grief and/or end-of-life matters, she’s a fabulous person to have in your corner. Grab a cuppa your favorite beverage on this snowy Halloween and settle in for the second installment of our Community Spotlight Series! Meet Kim Mooney Below is a brief interview with Kim Mooney, founder of Practically Dying, and one of our very own community members. With the holidays around the corner, I asked Kim if she could tell us a bit about […]

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