Reclaiming Mother’s Day

With Mother’s Day this Sunday, I wanted to share a piece for anyone grieving their mother or any other loved one. I wrote this for Huffington Post a few years ago in the hopes that it would help normalize the grief we feel around holidays.  Reclaiming Mother’s Day As Mother’s Day approaches, I feel an old, familiar dread. My mother died two years ago and no, I’m not over it yet. Worse still, I may never be. After the second anniversary of her death, I assumed I’d finally be all right. At least I’d be over the worst of the grief. But the grief continued to rise and fall in unpredictable patterns. At first, I blamed it on external events: another holiday season, the 22nd anniversary of my father’s death, my 45th birthday. Or perhaps it was perimenopause, I told myself. As if […]

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