Will I Get Sued? And Other Scary Questions When Writing Memoir

Today, let’s talk about some of the scary questions that pop up when we’re writing (or even considering writing) memoir. Will I get sued? Nope. It’s rare for an author to get sued over a memoir. Really. For that to happen, someone would have to convince a lawyer to hire them, which is a stretch, since most lawyers won’t take on a libel case unless they know they’re going to earn a lot of money. So you’d have to be a) pretty famous and/or b) be writing a huge book, like Michelle Obama. I don’t think that applies to most of us. Plus, for a lawyer to win a libel case, they’d have to prove that whatever you wrote was false. Here are some pretty easy ways to protect yourself: • Tell the truth. • Change names and identifying details. • Put a […]

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