A great big welcome to all of the new folks in our wonderful little community! Thank you for being here. I treasure each and every one of you—truly.

In the past few years, I’ve spoken with SO many people who’ve told me that they’ve always wanted to write a book, but haven’t quite been able to do it. Maybe they weren’t sure where to start, or they didn’t have time, or they were afraid of how their book would be received.

Good lord, do I get it! It took me nearly 20 years to get my first book into the world, and during that time I stopped and started multiple projects, worried about what would happen once my book finally made it into the world and, like most of us, struggled to find the time to write.

But once I finally published my first book, that all changed—I saw how much simpler it was to get a book into the world than I’d ever imagined. And that’s why I’m here today, because I see SO many people waiting—and waiting—to get their books out. And that breaks my heart because I know from first-hand experience that they don’t have to!

That’s why I’m so passionate about helping others get their books into the world!

To help jump-start that process, I recently did a live training on Facebook talking about the three things you need to get clear on BEFORE you write your book. I’m embedding that here, if you’d like to watch. (Sorry about the quality—it’s grainy, I know.)

(For those of you reading this in your inbox, please click through to the post to watch the video, or else click the  following link: https://youtu.be/2iP9WccViaY?t=3s       Thanks!)

Here are a few of the highlights we talked about:

  • Why it’s important to get super-clear on your book’s audience
  • How taking the time to get clear on your book’s audience and purpose now, before you write it, will save you time and money down the road (not to mention lots of headaches and, ack, rewrites)
  • How the shadow side of publishing a book can trip you up IF you’re not aware of it

What do you think about these tips? Were they helpful? If so, please leave a comment below!

AND for those of you who are interested in taking the next step toward making your book a reality, I wanted to let you know about my new 5-week online course, How to Get Your Book into the World, which will be starting on October 30.

The course is designed to make the process as simple as possible, with everything broken down into manageable pieces. I’ve synthesized a lot of information so you don’t need do, boiling it down to the essentials. You’ll walk away from this course with a clear road map for getting your book into the world.

Click here if you’d like to read more a more detailed description about the course (or cut and paste the following url into a new browser): https://tanjapajevic.lpages.co/get-your-book-into-the-world/

And if you’d like an overview, just keep reading.

I’ve broken the publishing journey down into 5 simple steps:

  • Module 1: Choosing Your Book’s Most Powerful Path
  • Module 2: Selling Your Book to a Traditional Publisher
  • Module 3: The Power of Self-Publishing
  • Module 4: Getting Off on the Right Foot: The Importance of Platform (and How to Start Growing Yours Today) 
  • Module 5: Pulling it all Together: Planning for Success

Each module will have a training video that goes in-depth into our topic. We’ll also have homework and exercises designed to help you drill down and clarify your next steps.

I’m also offering 4 bonuses with some really great teachers covering topics that folks told me were most important to them:

  • Book Promotion and Marketing with Beth Hayden
  • Ghostwriting with Amy Anderson
  • Fear, Writing and Self-Care with Jen Louden
  • Children’s Books with Janet Stevens

AND to encourage you to make a decision, I’ve added two Quick Action bonuses if you register by THIS Friday Oct 20. You’ll receive the following:

  • How to Test the Marketability of Your Book Cheat Sheet
  • Chance to win a coaching call with me (2 available)

There are a few different ways to take the course: there’s a DIY option, a supported option (with a private FB group and lots of coaching by me), and then there’s also a strategic option which includes the private FB group and a private review of all your materials.

There’s even a 14-day money back guarantee, no questions asked.

None of this is meant to pressure–it’s only to encourage you to make a decision IF you’re ready to get your book into the world. A lot of times we wait, or we put it off, and that ends up being a decision, too.

So if you’re ready to move forward and get your book into the world, hop on over and join us! (And remember to do it before this Friday Oct 20 to get the 2 Quick Action Bonuses!).

And if the course isn’t right for you right now, I get that, too. We’ll still be here, sharing lots of love and lots of tips. Until next time, my dears–

Lots of love!



2 comments on “Three Things You Need to Get Clear on Before You Write Your Book

  1. Hello there-
    Hope all’sa well. I signed up for your 10/30/17 course work this evening. How do I get my downloads?
    Looking forward to being in the forum.

    • Hi Marcella! We’re so glad to have you join us! You should have received an invitation to the course by now, but please reach out if for some reason you haven’t. See you soon in the forum! Warmly, Tanja

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