Navigating Life’s Big Transitions

What an incredible gift. I will be giving many of my family and friends copies of this stunning and relatable book. — R

Pajevic’s emotional rawness and eloquent honesty throughout her mother’s illness and death are reminiscent of Brene Brown and Glennon Melton. Having experienced major losses myself, her words and longing for a healthier way to grieve resonated deeply with me. I want to share this book with everyone, in order to help change how our society handles grief! — AC

This book is honest, resourceful, funny and sad. I absolutely loved it, have been giving away copies, and will certainly read it again myself. No matter what your grief is–the death of someone close to you, the death of a marriage, the death of a career or your own compromised health–this book will help you. It will help you think about what you’ve lost, let it sink in but also reframe it. From her wide-ranging reading/research, Pajevic shows us people we can listen to, things we can read, that will not take our grief away but will give us a new language for the things that are so painful in life. I am so impressed by her approach, by her human tone, by her ability to take her loss head on and share it with all of us along the way.

The only person who will not appreciate this book is someone who has never known loss of any kind. In other words, this book is for you. Rush out and get a copy, then make yourself some tea and read it. — CR






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