Your Superpower = Your Memoir’s Secret Sauce

For most of my life, I’ve straddled two worlds.

As the daughter of Yugoslav immigrants, I spent my childhood moving back and forth between Chicago and Yugoslavia, never really sure of where I belonged.

When I was in academia, I taught creative writing and business writing, which wasn’t the norm for most MFAs. Once I moved into the business world, my creative writing credentials were mostly ignored. Ditto for my business writing acumen when I moved back into the creative writing world.

For a long time, the story I told myself was that I didn’t belong.

I was outside of.

But then I began to realize that was my superpower.

When you straddle two worlds, you have a different perspective. You can see things that other people can’t.

When I wrote The Secret Life of Grief, it was because I’d spent childhood summers witnessing mourning rituals in the former Yugoslavia, and I knew we could do better here in the US.

When I taught writing in the business world, I encountered a different reality than in the literary community.

In the literary world, there’s a heavy emphasis on writing and rewriting your work until it’s impeccable.

As a result, people tend to get stuck in the rewriting process. For years.

But in the business world, it’s about getting stuff out the door. At the end of the day, results are what matter. And done is better than perfect.

After straddling the literary and business worlds for many years, I took the best of both and combined them.

Because I believe you can write a kick-ass memoir—AND still get it out the door.

That’s why I combine structure with community and support in my offerings: because I want you to reach the finish line.

Plus, let’s be real: a beautifully-written memoir that’s trapped on your computer helps no one.

But one that’s good enough can change lives.

What This Means for Your Memoir

There was a time when the idea of not belonging to one specific world felt too hard to share with anyone. Too vulnerable.

But over the years, I’ve learned that this is what sets me apart.

It’s why I write the books that I write, and it’s why I do the work I do.

And I’m betting it’s the same for you.

Yes, it’s not easy to open yourself up and be vulnerable.* (see note below)

But that’s often where your superpower lies.

Especially when you’re writing memoir.

Because the truth—your truth—can change lives.

Online Memoir Writing Support

If you’re looking for support writing your memoir, I’d be honored to have you join us in the next cohort of Memoir Mastery: How to Write a Compelling Memoir.

In this comprehensive 9-week online memoir writing course, you’ll go from feeling alone, confused and overwhelmed to feeling excited and supported in the power of your story, clear in its scope, and confident in the craft and technique of creating a compelling memoir.

Registration opens next week–keep an eye on your email for details!

In the meantime, hope you have a fabulous week!


NOTE: Sharing your writing too early in the writing process and sharing it with the wrong people are two of the biggest causes of writer’s block.

If in doubt, go slow.

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