Yesterday, one of our writers shared that she’d just landed a publisher! J and I have been working together for a few years and it took her longer than she expected to get her memoir written, so it’s especially sweet to see her so close to the finish line.

After celebrating, we spoke about the challenges of writing memoir, and how birthing a book is a process. Much like birthing a baby, we can’t rush the process.

As you probably know, writing a full-length memoir isn’t the easiest journey. Because of its personal nature, memoir can be a long and twisty journey, one that’s even trickier for those of us dealing with difficult material.

It also isn’t the easiest journey to travel alone.

And you might find that you need different kinds of support along the way.

Memoir Writing Classes


Here’s the thing: those of us who teach creative writing teach the same core concepts. But we come at it in different ways, sharing tips and tricks we’ve learned over the years. That’s the benefit of working with a working writer. Our teaching is grounded in personal experience.

memoir writing classSometimes you may need to hear something for the nth time before it clicks. Or you may find that you align with a certain teacher more than another. Or you may simply need another course to keep you engaged with your project.

Trust that. And trust the process.

Check in with your gut and take the next step that calls to you. No course, teacher or offering is perfect, but you’ll learn something from each one.

So keep going, one step at a time. And eventually, you’ll get there.

Whether it’s a few months, a year or three years, you’ll get to the finish line. Just like J. And your people will be here to support you.

If I can help support you and your memoir this summer, I’d be honored to.


To support wily summer schedules, I’m offering modified versions of my two cornerstone courses this summer, Memoir Mastery and Navigating the Messy Middle. If you’re looking for support for your memoir this summer, please join us!

Memoir Mastery 

How to Write a Compelling Memoir 

In this comprehensive course, you’ll go from feeling alone, confused and overwhelmed to feeling excited and supported in the power of your story, clear in its scope, and confident in the craft and technique of creating a compelling memoir.

With 6 online modules, 5 live coaching calls and a private community forum, you’ll get plenty of support and accountability as well as laser-focused coaching within a wonderfully supportive community. You’ll leave this course with a strong foundation for your memoir as well as a clear set of next steps.

Navigating the Messy Middle 

How to Reenergize Your Writing, Shorten Your Timeframe and Increase Your Memoir’s Reach


In Navigating the Messy Middle, we get clear on the big picture pieces of your memoir, including your primary narrative arc as well as your minor themes. With 7 online modules, 5 live coaching calls and a private community forum, you’ll get plenty of support for your book’s vision. Once we have that 10,000 foot view, we’ll pull apart what you have in order to see what’s working and where you need to course-correct. I’ll teach you what I look for when I do a developmental edit in order to increase your memoir’s reach and save months of writing your way into dead-ends. This process will also save you money, since hiring a developmental editor (or working with a private coach) gets pricey.

Last but not least, I’ll teach you tools to reenergize your writing, cut through the fear and put your inner mentor in the driver’s seat instead of your inner critic. As always, our foundation will be on safety, self-care and mind/body support in order to keep you healthy and facilitate a sustainable experience.

What’s the difference between the two courses? 


Memoir Mastery is the place to go if you’re looking to build a memoir from the ground up or are in the earlier phases of writing your memoir. This course will help you create a strong foundation while shoring up your self-care and mastering the craft of writing memoir.

Navigating the Messy Middle is designed for intermediate and advanced writers who have a partial or full manuscript, a basic grasp of creative writing techniques and are looking for structural and comprehensive support to get them to the finish line.

To support shifting summer schedules,

I’m offering flexible versions of both courses this summer.

Here’s how that will work: 

Both Memoir Mastery and Navigating the Messy Middle are hybrid courses, meaning they’re a mix of recorded materials, asynchronous discussions and live calls. The teaching materials are available in video, audio and PDF format, and are hosted on a private discussion forum (not FB).

You’ll have full access to the teaching materials as soon as you register and will be able to work your way through the materials as quickly (or as slowly) as you like. There’s no need to rush, since you’ll retain access to the teaching materials for two full years.

From there, we’ll use the discussion forum to check in and support each other, answering questions and clarifying sticking points. I’ll be active in the forum a few times a week through mid-August, so there will be plenty of time to get your questions answered.

I’ll also host 5 live “office hour” calls throughout the summer for additional support. To accommodate work and travel schedules, these calls will take place every couple of weeks on Tuesday & Wednesday nights, so you can drop in when you have a questions or need extra support. If you’re unable to join us live, you can always send me your question in advance. All calls will be recorded and available to you within 24 hours.

To read the full course description and to register for Memoir Masteryclick here or copy and paste the following url into a new browser: 

To read the full course description and to register for Navigating the Messy Middleclick here or copy and paste the following url into a new browser:

Questions? Please email me at tanja[@]tanjapajevic[dot]com and I’ll get back to you within 48 business hours.

In the meantime, keep going! Trust yourself. And take that simple next step.



P.S.: Know someone who might benefit from these notes? Please invite them to join our community here and I’ll send them my Story Starter Kit as a thank you.

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