Creating a Writing Schedule that Works for You

How do you create a writing schedule that works for you? And why should you bother? Because it can make writing so much easier. When you’re working on a book or any other big project, it’s important to have a consistent writing practice that you can actually adhere to—one that fits your real (read: big, full, lovely, messy) life, not some ideal, future version of yourself (read: perfect fantasy person who can DO all things and BE all things). The secret to creating your writing schedule is figuring out what works for YOU (not someone else) and readjusting as you go. Here’s what that looks like: Maybe your initial goal was to write 5 hours a week. Ambitious, yes, but you want to get that sucker written! Great start! However, after the first week, you realize that it’s pretty friggin hard to fit […]

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