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Do You Want to Write a Book?

Do You Want to Write a Book? I wanted to write a book in grad school. But my MFA program was focused on short stories, not novels. So I approached one of my professors for help. I told him I wanted to write a novel for my MFA thesis and asked if he’d serve on … Read more

Why Manuscript Reviews Matter

As a book coach, I can always tell when someone’s written their way into the story. There’s so much that has to be cut, reorganized and rewritten. It’s never fun to suggest a major revision. Especially when someone thinks they’re close to the finish line. That’s why I recommend getting a manuscript review (also called … Read more

Writing Resources for the New Year

Happy Winter Solstice, friends! As we head into the New Year, many of us are thinking about intentions around our writing projects. I find that winter is a perfect time to go inward and gain that clarity. “Winter is a season of recovery and preparation.” – Paul Theroux Here’s a list of resources to help … Read more

Moving Through Resistance

We’ve been having a lot of conversations on resistance over here lately. Resistance, rebellion, whatever you call it – those times you want to do something, said you’d do something, but don’t follow through. This comes up a lot in the writing world. Turns out resistance is a universal challenge for us writers. This is … Read more

Celebrating Our Newest Authors

As we head into fall, I’m excited to share 3 new books from our community! Please join me in celebrating our newest authors! Please help me spread the word about these amazing new books — order copies, share on your social media, and tell your friends about these books! First up is badass Cindy Carillo, … Read more

How to Hit Your Writing Goals

How to Hit Your Writing Goals   Last week, I came across some fascinating information about hitting your goals: According to research by the Society of Training and Development (ASTD), you have a 65% of completing a goal if you commit to someone. If you have a specific accountability appointment with a person you’ve committed … Read more

Memoir’s Secret Sauce (Hint: It’s your superpower)

Your Superpower = Your Memoir’s Secret Sauce For most of my life, I’ve straddled two worlds. As the daughter of Yugoslav immigrants, I spent my childhood moving back and forth between Chicago and Yugoslavia, never really sure of where I belonged. When I was in academia, I taught creative writing and business writing, which wasn’t … Read more

How to Work with Transitions in Writing and Life  

colorful fall leaves

How to Work with Transitions in Writing and Life I’ve been thinking a lot about transitions lately–whether it’s a transition between seasons, between life stages or between writing projects. I can’t say I’m great at transitions, but I’ve gotten a lot better at them over the years. How? By taking the time to slow down … Read more

What Inspires You

What’s inspiring you these days? Inspiration is so important when you’re writing a memoir. What’s lighting you up these days? Any wonderful memoirs you’ve read recently? Any particularly helpful resources you’ve encountered? Here are two things that are inspiring me right now: Row House Publishing Founded by Rebekah Boruki, Row House Publishers is a relatively … Read more

Celebrating Our Authors

Summer is in full bloom and my bookshelf is bursting with new books from our writers! Our community has been busy 🙂 Please join me in celebrating our authors! And please help us spread the word – order copies, share on your social media, and tell your friends about these books. Word of mouth is … Read more

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