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How to Work with Transitions in Writing and Life  

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How to Work with Transitions in Writing and Life I’ve been thinking a lot about transitions lately–whether it’s a transition between seasons, between life stages or between writing projects. I can’t say I’m great at transitions, but I’ve gotten a lot better at them over the years. How? By taking the time to slow down … Read more

What are You Really Writing About?

What is Your Memoir Really About? With memoir, it can take some digging to get to the heart of what we’re really writing about. There’s the story of what happened, and then there’s the meaning we’ve attached to it. In memoir, it’s not enough to tell us what happened—we need to know what that event … Read more

Perspective, Timing and Trust in Memoir

Memoir is a powerful thing. We love reading stories of love, loss and transformation. True stories are powerful. They inspire us on a deeply personal level. As Brene Brown says, we’re hardwired for story. It’s how we learn. Writing a memoir, though, can be challenging. Where do you start? How do you narrow down your … Read more

15 Ways to Get Unstuck and Reboot Your Writing Project

In our last post, we discussed whether or not to keep going with your current writing project. Now let’s talk about the logistical pieces involved in getting unstuck and rebooting your writing project. Here are about 15 ways to help you move forward—one compassionate step at a time. 15 Ways to Get Unstuck and Reboot … Read more

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