Find Your People + Have Deadlines

Find Your People Don’t go it alone. Support is essential when you’re writing a personal story. Especially if it’s sticky. That’s why I recommend folks find a community to support them. Somewhere to bring their questions, a place where they can talk about sticking points in order to find a way forward. A group to check in with, hold them accountable. You might be wondering if you need a group. Maybe you’re an introvert, like me. Do you really need other people? I mean, can’t you do this alone? You can, yes. And you know yourself best. If this is the path that works for you, by all means—honor that! For plenty of folks, though, it’s easy to fall down the rabbit hole, get tripped up by worries and fears (hello, inner critic!) when you’re going it alone. It’s far easy to get […]

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