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Get that Book Written

how to write my book

How are your New Year’s resolutions coming? Are you harnessing the energy of the New Year to write a book? Are you using it to get started on (or heck, restart) your memoir or nonfiction book?If not, what are you missing? Do you need a better system? Accountability? Support? The Real Reason People Hire a … Read more

Does This Sound Familiar? (+ free training 9/18)

Something I often talk about with my clients is our tendency to move the goal post (i.e.: expanding the scope of a writing project by making it longer, fancier or more complicated than it needs to be). Sound familiar? (I do it, too.) We’re human, after all, and this is one the primary ways the … Read more

When to Share Your Story, Part 2

In our last post, we talked about when to share your story if you’re working with a difficult situation, as well as when not to. But what if you’re writing about a difficult story? Do those same rules still apply? Yes! Remember how we talked about the importance of NOT sharing your story publicly until … Read more

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